Web Development

Lend your company a "face"!

A user-optimised, compelling and target-group-oriented internet presence is essential for the long-term business success of your company.

Concabral takes care of the conception, design, programming and the optimisation of your website. In close cooperation with our clients we develop a concept, which is tailored to the respective line of business as well as the needs of a particular target group. The web presence will fit seamlessly into the corporate design of your company. Of course, we build web pages that are search-engine-optimised and are current with the newest web standards.

Web Portfolio


Client: 4Sale Agency (Germany)
Website: www.4sale-agency.de

4Sale Agency specialises in the retail trade for fashion & lifestyle, street wear, trendsport, sport articles, footwear, and leather goods. We've created a dynamic flash web site to display a selection of product brands handled regionally by 4Sale Agency, in addition to company information in German and English.


Client: Chelsea-Square (England)
Website: www.chelsea-square.co.uk

We have redesigned the website for the Chelsea-Square company based in London. Besides the visual refresh, we've compiled and added a data base for showing their properties and portfolio with an integrated administration. We've also created a corporate movie clip for the website to showcase the Chelsea-Square business profile and team.


Client: Chilan (Portugal)
Website: www.chilan.pt

This is a project for a Global Sourcing company located in Madeira, Portugal. For Chilan, we've created the entire website in seven different languages to introduce the company’s services and profile all around the world. It was achieved by translation of the web page into languages like Russian and Arabic.


Client: Concabral (Germany)
Website: You are here ;)

This is the third time around for Concabral. Business sectors demanding quick responses and adaptation to constant change call for Concabral to continually upgrade its know-how to stay abreast of the latest developments. In this latest version, we’ve chosen a crisper and more immediate information set-up to better communicate with our clients in all our areas of expertise.


Client: Jkh-Bau (Germany)
Website: www.jkh-bau.de

Having an online presence is a need for every company in every branch. JKH-Bau is no exception. In this webpage we've created an identity for JKH-Bau so the company can display it's latest portfolio and references in the construction area.

Island Import

Client: Island Import (Portugal)
Website: www.island-import.com

Island Import Lda. operates at a strategic level in the fields of import, export, storage, and distribution. We’ve built a multi-language web page to highlight Island Import products. The client is able manage all the brands and products with an online administration and there's a private client area for downloading the latest order form.

Reza Investment Properties

Client: Reza Investment Properties (Germany)
Website: www.rezainvestment.de

This is a neat and minimalist web page for an established company based in Germany, engaged in the creation and management of REITs (real estate investment trusts). The webpage is available in both English and German and projects a very straightforward and clean visual image, as would be expected in the kind of business.

Swiss Global

Client: Swiss Global (Switzerland)
Website: www.swissglobalmarketing.ch

We've created this refreshing and stylish web page for a new company based in Switzerland and involved in several business lines like Factoring and Global Sourcing. Fleshing out their web presence, we've also created a small news administration system to inform the clients of new updates from Swiss Global.

THG Technische Handelsgesellschaft

Client: THG Technische Handelsgesellschaft (Germany)
Website: www.thgmbh.com

The THG offers a full range of certified spare parts and services around the topic helicopter. We prepared for the THG Company a clear and straightforward website that appears very clearly to the customer and were the design fits with the website.

Casa Acoriana

Client: Casa Acoriana (Portugal)
Website: www.casaacoriana.com

On this website is offered a Portuguese Quinta with colonial country house a for sale. In this project was made a clear structure which should clarify the illustration of the property. The designed website is available in Portuguese, English, and German.

Heinrich Rode

Client: Heinrich Rode (Germany)
Website: www.heinrichrode.com

Who loves Impressionism, should not fail to draw his attention to the painter Heinrich Rode. Exactly this we have implemented in the creation of this website where a virtual gallery is inviting you.

Reza Trade GmbH

Client: Reza Trade GmbH (Germany)
Website: www.rezatrade.de

We have designed the Web side of Reza Trade GmbH with a clear minimalist structure. Reza Trade GmbH combines Overstock management, sales / marketing and global sourcing in one company.

Quinta da Grotinha

Client: Quinta da Grotinha (Portugal)
Website: www.grotinha.com

In this project we kept the design clear and friendly to display all the data and property information in a direct way to potentional clients.


Client: IcamSystems (Germany)
Website: www.icamsystems.de

We have made this website in a native and modern visual with clear and direct communication items with a built in customized CMS for the webpage managment and special SEO optimization.

Claims Controlling

Client: Claims Controlling (Germany)
Website: www.claimscontrolling.de

We have made this website in a native and modern visual with clear and direct communication items. We've also built a customized CMS for the webpage managment.