About Us

Concabral commands a thorough knowledge of the market, supported by a professional, multi-lingual staff and a modern office organisation. Hence, we offer the best conditions to guarantee our customers lasting business success. Each client and business partner – whether at home or abroad – will receive courteous and individual support.

Our Mission

Live in dignity and make a difference in the life of others.

In a globalised world, Concabral operates within a strategic network structure and finds strength in synergy.

Our top priority, of course, remains the satisfaction of each customer. Concabral solves problems. Business partners will respectively receive extensive and professional support at each stage of product development and a project’s advance toward completion. The network nodes of Concabral ensure compliance with all customer requests.

As a modern company, Concabral also pays attention to labour conditions and the needs of all our employees and business partners. An absence of entrenched hierarchies, in addition to timely decision-making and unconventional methods of operation, make Concabral a trendsetting office for the future.