Premium Access

System of administration of documents (SAD)

We offer a personalised service for regular clients greatly simplifying information flow. This especially applies to documents and status information on properties. Purchase, ownership, the up-keep and management of real estate entails a lot of written and digitally-based information, such as:

  • Data, images and descriptions of the property leading up to purchase
  • Purchase contract, sales-agreements and official correspondence
  • Rental agreements, contracts for maintenance and utilities
  • General correspondence
  • Bank account data and bank approvals
  • Monitoring of income/expenses
  • Documentation of data

To retain the information for our customers, we have prepared a secure area to store and view the confidential information. By use of a password, clients are able to individually access the data worldwide in real-time. The tool, dubbed SAD, is configured and adapted for the customerís property or portfolio and enables him to check and read up on information, obviating the need for phone-calls or e-mail correspondence. SAD is an indispensable tool for making the right decisions in the world of real estate. We offer this service to regular clients within the first 12 months on a complimentary basis, to be followed by a modest, monthly subscription fee.