26 JUL 2010

New Concabral website is now online

Dear clients and visitors, we’re glad to present you the new Concabral webpage with a new orientation and fresh or reviewed contents resulting in a state-of-the-art online presence. We’ve made a lot of changes from the last version to ensure all the clients and potential investors, both old and new, the best information keeping our company engaged in the ultimate communication market, the Internet.

We’re now better structured to provide updated information in our all areas of expertise, like the new RSS feeds in the Real Estate area, which allows all interested to be constantly updated with our properties offers in real time. Financial tools and an improved layout presentation are also now available to a better and more efficient navigation in the properties database.

Concabral will always improve the way to communicate and we'll find innovate ways of displaying our services. You’re welcome to navigate the website and discover our business solutions and we look forward to hear from you.