25 FEB 2011

Rental vacancy rate in Leipzig decreased

The rental vacancy rate in Leipzig has decreased by 50% over the last 10 years. In the year 2000 the vacancy rate still amounted to 22%, and decreased to 11% until the end of 2009.

The decline in rental vacancy results from the fact that many apartments - mainly in prefabricated buildings - were torn down, while the influx of new residents to Leipzig increased in recent years. 85% of buildings in Wilhelminian-style quarters are in a refurbished state. The letting of offices also has a positive trend: the rental vacancy in 2010 dropped by 4% compared to the previous year.

Source: Leipziger Volkszeitung from 25-02-2011

The monitoring reports for living of the municipality of Leipzig can be downloaded here: http://www.leipzig.de/de/buerger/stadtentw/step/monitoring/wohnung